gals.jpgGreece, A Love Story:
Women Write about the Greek Experience
Edited by Camille Cusumano
Seal Press
April 2007
Winner of BATW’s Best
Travel Book for Planet Earth 2008
Diane LeBow’s story “Dancing on the Wine Dark Sea” also won Best Story/Essay in a Travel Related Anthology

Greece has long enchanted visitors with its majestic blue waters, deep rooted traditions, amazing food and intriguing people. It’s a country steeped in tradition, and a destination where people go to experience something new. For many visitors, it’s a place where their lives were changed, and they awakened culturally.

The beauty and passion of Greece is brilliantly told through the eyes of nineteen women writers in Greece, A Love Story, edited by Camille Cusumano. The book is a collection of unique, and personal, travel essays written by women who all share a deep passion for the country. While sharing their firsthand experiences, the women’s essays go beyond ordinary travelogue to capture the ways in which the country has shaped their lives or influenced decisions. The stories are poignant, and as entertaining as they are endearing.

Greece, A Love Story is the perfect book for those who have been to Greece, or even for those who simply dream of someday making the pilgrimage. Anyone who picks up this heartfelt collection of essays will gain a better understanding of Greece and all its magical charm and appeal.

“A shockingly beautiful collection. Ancient mythology informs these modern journeys, making them as enchanting as they are intimately real.”

– Ariel Gore, author of Atlas of the Human Heart

“I would recommend this book to anyone who’s been, or is going, to Greece — anyone who’s had an affair: be that with a person or the place itself. You will find yourself nodding in agreement, relating well.”

— Bex of Leaving Cairo

“Nineteen brave women pursue a vanishing Greece, bridging chasms of language and culture with their bodies and their tears. This book should be read not only by travelers aspiring to a mythic, well-explored landscape, but also by the Greek fishermen into whose unfathomable brown eyes so many alien women have poured so much hope.”

– Brady Kiesling, author of Diplomacy Lessons

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