"A shockingly beautiful collection. Ancient mythology informs these modern journeys, making them as enchanting as they are intimately real."

– Ariel Gore, author of Atlas of the Human Heart


"Nineteen brave women pursue a vanishing Greece, bridging chasms of language and culture with their bodies and their tears. This book should be read not only by travelers aspiring to a mythic, well-explored landscape, but also by the Greek fishermen into whose unfathomable brown eyes so many alien women have poured so much hope."

– Brady Kiesling, author of Diplomacy Lessons


"The unique and personal stories will resonate with anyone who has been there, or will surely capture the hearts of those yearning to make a visit… An impressive group of globe-trotting goddesses have contributed to this creative anthology – and just think how many others may exist who’ve had a love affair with (or in!) this enchanting place."

– Kelly Amabile, Gadling’s One for the Road


"Among the stars is Alison Cadbury who finds that renting an island house comes with the obligation of entertaining her 90–something landlord as he reminisces about his deceased wife and complains about Cadbury’s coffee–making skills. Cadbury’s visceral landscape descriptions and comprehension of rural conventions roots her tale in the location, where country miles are measured by the number of cigarettes smoked en route. Her close discernment of linguistic nuances underscores vivid characterization, such as her landlord referring to his wife as ‘my lady’ rather than the more common ‘my woman’.

"Similarly observant is Amanda Castleman’s poignant stream–of–consciousness rendering of her divorce in Greece, a tenderly wrought accusation of the flaws of Athens as well as her relationship. Eventually reclaiming her strength (without a Medean desire for revenge) and regaining objectivity, Castleman concludes that "Greece callouses the skin but softens the soul."

"Linda Hefferman’s self–deprecatory humor ("I felt invincible, wearing my naivete like a superhero’s unitard.") in ‘Special Delivery’ buoys her sweet account of a small town high school girl conquering jaded Athens. Hefferman’s comparison of her personal background with that of her new Greek surroundings rounds out the story well as she makes her way from the city to the country to deliver something from her Greek–American neighbor to the relatives with whom he has long ago lost contact.

"Ashley Black’s ‘Adøspotos: Those with No Master’, is a bittersweet search for biological parents among Greece’s disappearing nomadic tribe. As she hunts the wandering Sarakatsani in mountaintop village Phitea she learns that even the rural shepherds have access to internet ("Tassos keeps two computers in the back, behind the cheese.")

"A provocative story by Katherina Audley, ‘View from the Bartop’, tells of her stint as a bargirl in a small Cretian village, dolled up to lure customers ––and as the title suggests, even dancing on the countertops. What makes Audley’s story much deeper than a party girl account (which the anthology also contains) is her acute awareness of what she’s doing, and her keen grasp of cultural rules and consequences, making adept use of them in seeking help from locals to deal with European ruffians sharing her hostel… Greece, A Love Story is an easy introduction to the country through a foreigner’s eyes."

– Jennifer Eaton Gökmen, Perceptive Travel


"I tried to remain stoic during [At the Seashore With Medea]. But then I read on, and when I became teary-eyed, it wasn’t over the content.

"It was the perfection of the words. It was nearly my story. My entire next book, beautifully encapsulated into just a few lines.

"’An unexpected divorce in a foreign country with no money and no friends? Perfect storm. I scraped for words, the, finally, spat: "You. You’re not worth suicide.’

"Damn you, Castleman. You’ve set the bar high".

– Marie Javins, author of No Hurry and Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik


"A nice travel book full of personal stories, some tear jerking, some romantic, some sad, some happy…but all full of passion for Greece… Fun and mellow, easy to read when you are holidaying.

Cessie’s Book Journey


"These women paint a collective picture . . . one of magic and allure, and of the culture which is both enduring and evolving.

–Beth Whitman, author of Wanderlust and Lipstick


"Like the greatest of Greek myths, this anthology touches upon the realities of life: birth, death, marriage, divorce, love, hate, joy, grief, gain and loss …these women show us not only a country they adore, but their own selves and an insight into the communality of human nature and experience. This is more than a book about Greece and women … it is a book about life.

–Roslyn Ross, SearchSA


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